wk9: Figure student work

This week we focused on the proportions and basic shapes of the figure ( mannequin figure).   We applied these to doing quick gesture drawings, trying to capture the feeling and pose of the figure, rather than details.


wk6: Lab Work

Hello class,

Well done in class this week! Work has come a long way from the first week of class.  It was interesting to see all the personal styles starting to develop.

For your journals, work through the process of a planned longer drawing. Have a vision! It may or may not be a still life depending on your theme.  Make sure you work from big areas to small details. Reviewing notes on “shape consciousness” and the video tutorial on planning a still life will help.  Remember one of the biggest considerations when planning a drawing is time.


wk4: Negative Space

Hello class,

Seeing the negative space as an object which is drawn is an important skill in drawing. A beautifully considered negative space will bring life to all areas of our work.  Seeing the negative space will also make it easier to draw complex forms (draw the trapped shape that is created inside of objects, rather than the objects themselves).

Example of Trapped Space


Draw the shape that is formed inside of the fingers, rather than the hand. It is easier to draw abstracted forms.

Negative space drawings from class.

wk3: Class Drawings

Hello Class,

Beautiful! Some examples of work done in class week 3.

For your journal, this week consider mixing expressive line (use edge of pencil and vary the pressure) and hatch marks.  Instead of trying to drawing everything to the same level of completion, pick areas of your drawing and to develop into detail and leave others more sketchy, this will make for focal points within your drawing and allow you to take on bigger subjects in less time.

Remember, lines should describe form. Carefully observe your subject and wrap lines over the surface. Beware of quickly adding lines as a pattern, if lines don’t express form they will make for visual confusion.